4 Effective Post-Launch Mobile App Marketing Strategies to Make an Impact

05Oct, 2020

Do you know that 90% of users’ time on mobile and 77% on tablets is spent on apps and an average user has some 36 apps installed on his/her devices? Seeing this huge potential of mobile apps, you developed and launched an excellent mobile app, but will it be of any use if it is not visible in the play stores or if the users download but abandon it after using once? Thus, it’s important that the app marketing services should be used to implement post-launch mobile app marketing strategies effectively and enhance your app’s visibility.

The fact is that though 90% of users’ time on mobile is spent on apps; half of it is taken by individual’s top app and the rest goes in other top five apps in the list. Marketing the app properly is thus critical for its success and you should incorporate promotion both organically and through paid media. Here are a few of the most effective post-launch marketing strategies for your mobile app that can help you gain the required visibility.

Utilize Social Media to Connect

There are 2.77 billion people across the globe who are active on various social media. Not using social media in your marketing strategy is like missing out a big potential medium. Focus on those social platforms where your target audience is concentrated. You can gain their attention by providing informative and fun content in the form of blog posts, videos, photos etc. Join the relevant groups on these platforms and have an active presence.

You can also try maximising your exposure by using paid promotions. Any paid promotion campaign on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. helps in getting noticed and hence increases the mobile app downloads. You can also make use of sites like Quora to position your app in the right manner by providing unique information about some questions that you think potential users might be interested in knowing. Thus, you should always include social media into your marketing strategy to reach out to more and more people.

Use Search Ads for Promotion

Search advertising is the best way to gain exposure as well as downloads. A data suggests that 27-percent of the people discover apps through search engines whereas 50% of the total mobile app downloads are driven by these search ads. This huge success rate of getting a user motivated to download a particular mobile app happens because they are visible to the user at the precise moment when the user is searching for something similar. If your search ad pops up at that precise moment, it is a high likelihood of user getting it downloaded. The search ad promotion helps in standing out of the crowd and getting noticed over your competitors.

Submit to Reputed Review Sites

The users today go through the reviews of a particular product or service and based on that they make their decision. Finding maximum good reviews motivates the users to go for it. A data suggests that a good 84% people trust these online reviews. Any good app marketing agency understands the importance of reviews and incorporates it in their marketing strategy. Submitting to reputed review sites has many other benefits too besides getting more downloads.  It creates brand awareness, increases your app’s store rating, makes your app look reliable and trustworthy. The only thing to keep in mind is to submit to sites that are trusted by the users to provide unbiased reviews.

Provide the Highest Quality of Customer Service

Stellar customer support is a key when it comes to creating publicity by word of mouth and through good reviews. To provide the highest quality of customer support to your users, the best way is to make it easy for them to interact with you. This can be done by installing a “send feedback” button right into your app, which is connected to email, social media, in-app chat feature etc. This single button makes the users feel that you are just a click away from hearing their concern over issues and thus you succeed in building up a feeling of trust and loyalty.

If you provide excellent customer service, it helps in providing better reviews on social media through likes, comments etc. as most of the people today like to share things on social media. This helps in getting establishing you as a reliable and trustworthy brand and more and more people get motivated to download your app after going through all these positive reviews given by people in their social circles.

Unless you promote your app and make it visible to your targeted audience all your efforts in developing a good mobile app will go down the drain. Promotion is the key and you should take the help of app marketing services if you want to go big. It is cut-throat competition out there and you need to be on the top of your game to make your presence felt.

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