5 SEO Basics That Never Change with Algorithm Updates

08Oct, 2020

With the introduction of new parameters of ranking factors and changing the aesthetics of the search pages, Google has been known to constantly update its algorithm. With every update, the search engine optimizers freak out as they think that they will have to overcome some major changes to perform in the ranking after the update.

But most of the times, it also happens that the updates makes negligible changes and very little sites move either up or down the rankings. However, the truth is that in the past decade, the core search algorithm that is used by Google has not been changed in any way. Thus the core fundamentals for the search engine optimization also remains the same.

Here are the 5 basics of SEO that never change with algorithm update of Google:

  1. Bots Look for the Site- Google makes use of web crawlers called bots that crawl on the websites to find the content. In order to rank the site on Google, the bots have to find your site and make sure that it has all the relevant content. If the bot is not able to discover or index your website then you are not going to be ranked in the search result pages. With the help of technical SEO, the website is made permanent and visible for the bots.
  2. Indication of Entry Structure from the Site Structure- The structure and the layout of the site is responsible for the visibility of the site to the bots. Like the title of the page and the description are extracted from the metadata of the site and then the respective entry is populated on the search result pages. A structure called markup can also be used to offer a particular type of content.
  3. The Quality of the Content Must Be Good- Google is successful because it is able to direct all its users to the best content that they are looking for. So if you have to make your site visible, then your site must have really good content. The quality of the content is considered good if the length of the content is good, usually about 800 words for each page and it is readable and gas sufficient headlines and subheadings.
  4. Networking- When Google starts searching for a site to be ranked, then it checks a number of trustworthy sources that are a part of a network of that particular site. Therefore networking plays a significant source. You cannot have a single source and expect that the site is going to get ranked. This networking is done with the help of the manifestation of several links. The larger the number of trustworthy links, the more are the chances that your site is going to rank.
  5. Spam and Rank Manipulation is Corrupt- The two most common challenges that are faced by Google are rank manipulation and spam. There are several black hat optimizers that use malpractices such as hidden keywords, keyword stuffing and link schemes to rank their sites with no effort. But Google has also incorporated several techniques to detect these sites and scrap them off from the search result pages.

So, make sure you keep all these basics in your mind because they are always going to work on all the updates of the Google algorithm.

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