A Guide to Building High-Quality Links

28May, 2020

Link building is nothing but a process through which one can get other websites linking back to your original website. This is very useful and important for all website owners and marketers as it helps in increasing organic search traffic and also increases the authority and trustworthiness of the website.

Link building is one of the effective tactics when it comes to ranking the page higher in Google search results by Search Engine Optimization.Websites with a higher number of backlinks are generally ranked higher, although it does not mean that you just go on with spam links as it will necessarily get you banned.

Building high-quality links organically without violating Google’s regulations is a time-consuming process.There are many strategies to build links, and now we will be mentioning a few of them

  • Promote Content:

The answer is to come up with unique and creative content, which engages people. And don’t just create it, share it with as many people you can; unless you share, how willpeople know that you have created something unique? People are not just magically going to appear and link their websites to yours.

  • Get More Reviews:

If you are promoting a product or service, let people review it and share their experiences. If the product or service is satisfactory, then the positive reviews will increase the reputation of the brand and will make you look more authentic. This will generate more backlinks as people want to associate themselves with genuine and trustworthy content.You can also get your product reviews by a famous blogger or social media influencer. It will give you a wider reach and backlinks from a high-profile social media influencer will inevitably boost your backlinks too.

  • Links from Relevant Partners:

Relevant links from the same niche or industry will always be valued more than any backlink from a random website.So, try and get links from your friends in the same industry.

  • Internal Link Building:

Anchor text matters a lot when someone is linking to your context.For example, if you sell wind pumps and someone has related to your content using the anchor text, “wind pumps”, then it will rank higher than if they had used the anchor text like, “for more info refer here.”The former would improve the ranking of the site when “wind pumps” is the keyword.

  • Do Not Have All Backlinks to Your Homepage:

There have been instances when people actually link a lot to your website but only to the home page. This makes it very difficult for individual pages to rank on Google.Clearly two factors mentioned above are not really in your hands.

But what you can do is make sure your content is rich enough.You need to find keywords that are relevant to your business and are accessible. Create content in alignment with those researched keywords. This will make it search engine friendly. Link your content to those keywords and get your pages well interlinked.

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