A Guide to Developing a Strong SEO Plan during COVID-19

25May, 2020

In these times, when the whole world is amidst global lockdown,traditional markets have come to an abrupt halt. Malls and stores have been closed for months and are likely to remain shut down for the next few weeks. People are stuck at home and are trying to explore new things. Hence, they are spending more and more time on the internet. This isan opportunity for brands and firms to boost their organic SEO presence. Now are the times when people are ready to engage and you need not spend much on promotions. But good quality content and diligent implementation of traditional SEO skills will help you go a long way. We have jotted down few points for you, which can help you navigate your SEO program towards better reach and higher engagement.

  • Build Your Online Presence

All the successful brands build presence and are always active on social media.People now have enough time to go through your content; all you have to do is make it engaging. Smartly create relevant content and keep posting at regular intervals. Digital marketing stands upon the foundation built by consistency. Consistency is the key to achieve growth in long terms. People do experience massive growth when the content goes viral, but viral does not happen every day unless you are some celebrity. Hence, it is vital to have creativity and consistency.

  • Improve Content

Content is the king. It is at the centre of the digital world. People all over the world are shaken by grief in these times. Hence, the content should be able to make them feel better and it should be comforting. For people starting in these times, the first step should be educating the users and creating a trust for their brand. Understand the emotion of people, align it with your product or service, and that is the way forward.

  • Keep an Eye on the Future

After a few weeks, the lockdown will be lifted and slowly things will get back to normal. But the challenge is to keep the customers engaged till the end of the lockdown. You need to anticipate how people will shop after the restrictions are lifted. What are the products they will buy first? These insights need to be collected through interactions and surveys. This will help you create campaigns post lockdown and convert your social media followers into customers.

  • Strengthen the Security

During lockdown, many major brands were hit by malicious malware. It is imperative to keep the website and data secured. Otherwise, the implementation of the steps mentioned above will go downhill and instead of growth, we are looking at lost credibility and lower SEO ranks. Monitor log files to see if any spambots are trying to hamper your website. Make your access more secure by using Single Sign On (SSO) implementation. Implement SSL to make the entry and payment transactions and other credentials more secure.

People are spending more and more time online and are looking to engage with businesses. With the help of creativity, planning, and execution, companies need not depend upon luck. They can do wonders with consistent planning.

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