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17Jun, 2020

Understanding the Difference Between PPC and CPC

What do people in the digital marketing industry love after money? Acronyms are challengingto understand. These jargons may seem like a part of rocket science for outsiders, but we believe in making information available to everyone in the form of simple to understand concepts. So today, we will dig deeper into what PPC and CPC […]

15Jun, 2020

Top 5 SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes for 2020

WordPress themes are significant.Do not neglect them.It makes your website appealing and has excellent browser support. So, here we bring you the top 5 SEO-Friendly WordPress themes so that your website is a “beauty with a brain.” Divi Theme  It is, infact, the most sought after theme on WordPress. It was developed around the objective […]

10Jun, 2020

Top 5 Paid Search Tools Worth the Price

SEO tools are indispensable for a digital marketer. However, there are plenty of tools available, and you have to pick out the best among them that offer amazing features and ensure effortless functionality.Here are the top 5 paid search tools that are worth the price: Ahrefs Ahrefs is one of the most popular and widely […]

09Jun, 2020

5 E-Commerce SEO Tips to Boost Store Traffic

Traffic is the most significant aspect of an online store. If you’re able to generate organic traffic for your website, it does not depend too much on the paid channels. One of the ways to improve traffic is through SEO. Let’s take a look at five such SEO tips which can boost your traffic: The […]

28May, 2020

A Guide to Building High-Quality Links

Link building is nothing but a process through which one can get other websites linking back to your original website. This is very useful and important for all website owners and marketers as it helps in increasing organic search traffic and also increases the authority and trustworthiness of the website. Link building is one of […]

25May, 2020

A Guide to Developing a Strong SEO Plan during COVID-19

In these times, when the whole world is amidst global lockdown,traditional markets have come to an abrupt halt. Malls and stores have been closed for months and are likely to remain shut down for the next few weeks. People are stuck at home and are trying to explore new things. Hence, they are spending more […]

22May, 2020

5 Essential Services Provided by SEO Companies

Of all the services provided by an SEO company, the most essential ones are listed below, which will help you distinguish what you have been missing. Competitor Analysis Competitor analysis is essential for any industry that you want to enter whatever niche it may be. SEO companies can find both online and offline competitors with […]

19May, 2020

A Small Business SEO Guide to Increase Ranking

Are you an owner of a small business who likes to see your website at the very top of Google’s search result when your users type in those special keywords? The solution for this is SEO. And if you are not aware of what SEO is, then don’t despair. Although SEO is neither rocket science […]

08May, 2020

The Importance of Technical Optimization for SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the solid ground on which a website stands. For a website to rank on top of the SERPs, it cannot be done by content alone. SEO is the backbone that helps optimize the website from start and helps it be on top of the list. Technical SEO does not […]

16Mar, 2017

How To Leverage Contests To Generate Thousands of Leads

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