Guest Blogging for SEO and High-Quality Links 

24Sep, 2020

Six years after Matt Cutts, Google’s former Head of Web Spam, declared that guest blogging shall no more exist as a link-building tactic, today guest blogging happens to be very well and alive with 75% of editors reportedly publishing minimum one guest post every week.However, we must note that there has been one change that has taken place since then. That is, we shifted away from attempting manipulation of search engines with dozens of poor-quality posts.

Now-a-days, the best strategy or the only way is by investing in guest posts that in reality draw in value for the publishers as well as their readers. If you do it this way, you are sure to find guest posting to be a powerful a strategy for link building.While writing authoritative, good-quality posts in popular blogs with lots of followers, people are bound to notice you and they might even start flocking your own blog.Then, the story doesn’t end here. If people find your blog to notice that you have been doing something that is completely new to them, they definitely will link back to you.

Guest Posting Leads

To begin, it is best to generate a long list of publishers who accept guest posts in the topics that hold relevance to your niche. There are top two methods of doing the same.

Topic-Wise Search

Carry out a series of searches that feature your keyword and the phrases that indicate guest posting. As an example, if you are searching for sites accepting entrepreneurship-related posts, you need to search for “entrepreneurship”with a phrase such as“write for us”.

Let’stake a look ata few other queries that might be used to find platforms accepting such posts:

  • Submit guest blog
  • Contribute to our site
  • Guest post
  • Writer wanted
  • Guest author
  • Submit article
  • Guest post written by
  • Contributing writer

This is clearly an extremely time-consuming technique if done manually, particularly when the factor is going through every search result page, assessing every result, and saving each possible lead. Speaking honestly, here’s where an automation comes into play.

Competitor Research

Irrespective of whether you are a newcomer to the industry, you can without a doubt name some popular bloggers from the back of your mind. Let’s say we are speaking of SEO, for instance, we will immediately bring up people like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, or Marcus Sheridan.

Apparently, these people have done a great deal of guest posting through their careers as a blogger, which tells that they have taken care of the task of looking for and even vetting a lot of probable content partners as well. Now, the work that’s left for you to do is look for these very partners and approach them for yourself.

Using Brian Dean as an example, it is required to search for a query that falls under these lines:

“guest post by Brian Dean

Now, we would jus tneed to eliminate the results from the original websites:

“guest post by Brian Dean”

And there you have it! You get an enormous list of the best publishers that clearly publish guest posts from content creators within your niche.

Create Amazing Content

Everyone’s main goal is to create irresistible content – the kind of stuff that will profit the publisher as well as the reader, and even drive a little bit of the traffic to your own website. In simpler terms, to have your pitch accepted, there has to exist a win-win situation for every party involved.Therefore, the best place to begin with when researching ideas for your content is by looking at the kind of guest posts that have found success with your publisher previously. One way to do this is to use tools such as Ahrefs and BuzzSumo among others to enable you to assess the website of your publisher and give you those blog posts performing the best:

Craft the Best Pitch

Let’s say you are pitching to a high-profile magazine such as The New Yorker.Going by a report, a person has a 0.0000416% possibility of getting his article published in The New Yorker.In such a case, what can possibly be done?

Of course, all of the research is mandatory, but creating a pitch that is impossible for the editor to ignore is crucial.We know it’s far easier to have a guest post published on a popular site than having your story get into the New Yorker. Nonetheless, the exact work ethics and skill is required.

Attract Readers to Your Site

While creatingthe pitch is difficult, writing the actual guest post happens to be even tougher.The most important tip to engage with your audience is to know and understand their needs and wants.

People usually do notsearch or read blogs for entertainment. They find your blog because they have been looking for something. For example, they probably need information for them to take action on or a service to make work easier in their business or even an inspiration to transform their lackluster, boring lives.Your target is to discover that exact need. When that is done, you should be able to create a guest post to suck in your reader base and have them looking for thelink to your site.

Earn Contextual Backlinks

It is crucial to brainstorm ideas that are in complete alignment with your site. This is so because it allows you to earn contextual backlinks to your website.At a time whenit is obvious to add a link back to your site in the profile bio, if you want to have maximum SEO impact, it is also important to get a link in the content itself. This will act as the editorial link and will give you a lot of SEO juice.


It is not very simple to carry out good guest blogging and that is exactly the reason why the technique is so helpful. Very limited competitors will possess the resources or the patience required to have content published on the best blogs.

Guest blogging just for the sake of building backlinks isn’t an option. But when used as a part of a big marketing strategy, this will result in a fewof the best backlinks. Publishing even a small amount of guest posts on high-authority sites should have you seeing a substantial boost to the traffic and rankings.


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