How Can Google My Business Help Boost Your SEO?

06Jul, 2020

Many businesses are using local SEO to increase the visibility of searches regardless of whether the business offers eCommerce shipping solution or salon services. But it is a difficult task for some marketers that they are trying to solve. So, if you want to rank your site or get your local business up in front of your target market, local SEO has become essential.

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique that involves making the local business more accessible. It is just a standard technique for SEOs. Local SEO, however, focuses on optimizing your website to a defined audience in your region or area.  If you are looking for traffic, the ultimate search referrer is Google. A Google My Business account means that they can locate it when someone checks up on Google Search and Google Maps about your business. When they do, your listing will show you where and how to visit your store, whether you have a web address or a physical address.

Google My Business accounts also make your local SEO even better. So, you’re showing up on page one when someone searches for you. And though you only have a web presence, a business account from Google means you get top results. Accounts often have connections to analytics and you can adapt the paid and organic campaign campaigns to the finest. Google My Business profile gives your business credibility. Google My Business reviews had been helping to create trust. A Google study shows that 88 percent of users value web reviews almost as much as personal suggestions.

Google My Business Account

You can keep customers informed by a Google My Business account. Your Google My Business listing includes contact information, business hours and other essential details. You can post alerts to communicate that you have increased, partially disabled, or completely reopened facilities (a highly useful function during emergency circumstances such as COVID-19).

Show current and potential customers by replying to reviews that you value their feedback. As per a survey conducted by Google and Ipsos Connect, businesses that respond to reviews are regarded 1.7 times more confident than those that don’t. Positive interactions develop loyalty. Remember to answer in your brand voice and stay professional. That also holds for negative comments. Don’t overlook these. Turn this thing around by listening to the issues raised and tackle them.

Ensure questions are answered, too. Anyone could answer any customer question that is left on your Google My Business profile. Do your utmost to see to it that you first react. Tell customers how active and credible your business is, and help stop the potential spread of false information.

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