Marketing Trends in 2020

20May, 2020

As every day passes by, the Internet becomes an even more important part of our daily lives. It has changed the way businesses are run around the globe. Internet, as we know, is a market place with consumers having countless options. So, to bring in the traffic, your website must be SEO-optimized, and to do that, you should know about the upcoming trends and changes happening in the world of digital marketing. Let’s start with our list today and see what you need to embrace to have an edge over your competitors and improve your rank. After all, nobody wants to be the second choice, right?

Snippet Feature: Result Zero

In the last few years, Google has developed this feature to improve the experiences of users looking for descriptive answers for their queries. This box appears above the top organic result.The mind-boggling fact is that these snippets are the origin of more 50% clicks resulting from Google search queries.How do you get featured? Give simple answers to common questions, Google will evaluate the quality of the snippet, and there you are at the “top of the hill”.It’s an opportunity to cater to higher traffic even if your page isn’t the most optimized out there.

Impact of Influencers on SEO

Every single day, you see a huge number of intrusive ads suggesting products and services. But, what customers need is authenticity of your information, and influencer marketing is a great way to do it. Influencer marketing often ensures higher consumer engagement. An influencer can make sure that your product or content reaches more and more people. Influencers increase the number of backlinks to your websites, which would improve your Google Rank.Here, what’s important is that you find an Influencer who is aligned with your product, has a significant following and POOF!! Your Product and that guy will “bring in the money”.

The Rise of Bert

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, developed by Google in 2018 to understand the user search queries better. BERT is based on NLP(Natural Language Processing).It mainly affects queries wherein users use prepositions such as to, for, on,etc.Marketing models recognized by BERT have a better chance of featuring in the snippet.Although you can’t, optimize your webpage according to BERT, but you can find out more about the customer intent and then come up with quality content.Aligning with User intent is the best way to make sure you align with BERT.

Mobile Website > Desktop Website

Gone are the days when only having a PC version of a website would keep you in business.With more and more people using smartphones increasingly, a mobile site is a must for businesses.Not just a mobile website, you need to make sure it is attractive enough to keep the visitors lingering around.Answer the queries and focus on improving the users.Astonishingly,the number of searches from smartphones has surpassed searches from desktops.

Whether your business operates completely online as an eCommerce shopping portal or it offers eCommerce courier services in India, having a responsive website that can be easily accessed on desktops, smartphones and tablets is important.

Technology will keep changing. Google will come up with better algorithms as it understands users better and better. And the focus of businesses should be on optimizing their websites and content to make sure they continue to reach their audience. SEO and digital marketing is a never-ending process, and keeping up with changes is what keeps businesses thriving. After all, he who changes is the one who progresses.

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