The Importance of Technical Optimization for SEO

08May, 2020

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the solid ground on which a website stands. For a website to rank on top of the SERPs, it cannot be done by content alone. SEO is the backbone that helps optimize the website from start and helps it be on top of the list. Technical SEO does not map the content of the website but looks at certain elements such as XML sitemaps, URL structure, page speed, robots.txt, navigation etc.

Some of the important aspects of technical optimization of SEO and its elements are as follows.

XML sitemaps 

XML sitemaps come under one of the best tools to index a site with the help of search engines. It helps define a roadmap for the site.

XML sitemaps feature a lot of parameters that deliver search engines some of the important data. There are some practices that need to be included to get the best result such as following the official Google guidelines, submitting the XML site map in Google Search Console, including the only canonical URLs, excluding the no-index URLs and looking for and addressing warnings and errors.


Robots.txt is one of the technical SEO tools that play an important role in checking the crawl ability of the website. It is the tool that shows search engines the things that should be crawled: images, pages, categories, and so on.

There are certain things to adhere to while using robots.txt some of which are not to hide the web pages from Google Search Result using it, use it for the prevention of images to appear in Google Search result, and few more things. Robots.txt file can build or break down a website according to the implications made.

Website Navigation

Website navigation, in general, refers to the way in which a website is structured, and it usually begins from working with the homepage, logically structuring it, and helping the users to navigate to and fro. Search engines also use the website navigation tool to discover and index the new pages.

Navigation depends big time on links. Proper website architecture is the key to nice XML sitemaps, and breadcrumbs -both of which are equally important to technical SEO.

URL structure

URL structure is one critical element of the website. After deciding the opted canonical domain, it is relevant to draw the steps that define a URL structure of the website.

Optimization of the URL structure is important for the users and visitors and for the search engines.The URL structure solves any issue being experienced by the user; it allows them to look at a logical path.Where technical SEO is concerned, URL structuring helps search engines to sort and understand a website.

Preferred domain URL

Lastly, www/no www is your choice. It is no more a hard and fast rule to begin with, www. It is only used to make the users identify the site as many people are still not accustomed to recognizing sites without www. No technical SEO benefit can be seen from this.

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