Top 5 Rank Tracking Software to Check Google Keyword Rankings

13Jul, 2020

If you have created a website by putting in a lot of time and effort, then you surely must also have a SEO strategy in order to optimize each and every page of your website using top keywords to make your website rank on the top of Google search. SEO is a tricky game to master and you need to know how to make your pages rank on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and that is exactly where Google Keyword Ranking Checker comes into play.

These tools help you to understand how a keyword is performing. It helps to see how the keyword ranking is changing over time, its competitors and many more features too. If you have ever wondered what software provides the best keyword ranking system, then we have got you covered. In this article, we will list out top 5 rank tracking software to check Google keyword rankings.

  • SERPWatcher-

At first, it may seem like SERPWatcher is there only to let you know about your keyword ranking, but only when you get to know more about it, you will realize that it not only tracks the ranking of your keyword but also tracks the overall progress of the domain. Those metrics help a lot to improve one’s website ranking. 

SERPWatcher has three variants: Basic, Premium, Agency and will be given the ability to track 200/700/1500 keywords accordingly. It provides current, average and best rank of the keyword and the percentage change all in a single panel.

  • SEMRush-

SEMRush is another company that provides excellent services when it comes to monitoring your ranking. It comes in four possible plans: Pro, Guru, Business and Enterprise tailored to suit individual needs. SEMRush provides you with a historical progress track record of your competitor site to help you to rank better. Some of its significant features are daily updated data, weekly notification for ranking changes, a complete workflow for any SEO professional.

  • Ahrefs-

Ahrefs is the best one out there when it comes to delivering accurate location-based data of your keywords ranking status. It comes in four variants: Lite, Standard, Advanced and Agency. Ahrefs helps you in monitoring your average ranking and visualizes your position and traffic over time for easy understanding. It is very easy to use as all you have to do is to import the list of keywords and your work is done. It provides multiple filters, provides 13 SERP features, advanced metric system etc.

  • SEOProfiler-

SEOProfiler positions itself as a keyword ranker that also provides website promotion tools too. It comes in four variants: Standard, Smart, Professional, Enterprise. SEOprofiler provides history reports of various other sites to help you understand the game. It provides exceptionally detailed reports with actionable tips, PDF reports, daily updated data and many more features.

  • Moz Rank Tracker-

This ranker monitors your keyword’s rank as well as overall visibility in search engine to help you to rank better. It comes in four variants: Standard, Medium, Large, Premium. It has some premium features like ability to replace the Moz logo with one’s own, access to Mozbar (an SEO tool for Chrome), search visibility score for an overview of one’s ranking and very high quality of data interpretation, also including Domain and page authority.

Whether your business website is for your eCommerce courier service or a fashion shopping portal or just an educational blog, these rank tracking software programs are the right ones to check Google keyword rankings.

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