What Are the Best On-Page SEO Techniques?

25Sep, 2020

Before we begin, a fact that must be noted is, off-page SEO cannot help you enough if you don’t pay attention to the foundation process– on-page SEO.Professional SEO experts understand the priority of on-page optimization and constantly take care of the same.Since the search scenario is perpetually evolving, it’s crucial to ensure that your understanding of on-page SEO is updated. Get to know the best on-page SEO techniques in this article.

Quality Content Creation

Whiletackling SEO, it is a prerequisite to keep in your mind the following:Any website with thoughtful content can and will performwell with or without the need for SEO. On the other hand, a website that publishes unworthy content cannot exist with or without the help of SEO. Therefore, a website that has good content will become increasingly better with SEO!

Optimizing Titles

Although this is a basic SEO tactic,it is extremely significant for on-page SEO. While ‘reading’ your pages, search engines, along with other aspects, search the page title as well as the description of your page.

This is done because it is important to understand the all-round topic of your page and on the basis of other components (domain authority, competition, and others), your page will be ranked after that (for varied keywords) in a rank in the index.

Keyword Cannibalization

There’s a misconception that the higher the number of pages you create targeting one keyword, the higher you are going to rank for the said keyword.Targeting a single term in several pages can result in “keyword cannibalization”, which can potentially have certain disastrous impacts on your SEO.If you are having many pages to rank for one keyword, what you are essentially doing is competing with yourself.Identifying and resolving keyword cannibalization is important to optimize your website.

Content Audit

Most of the content creators focus on publishing more and more content that auditing their existing content is usually forgotten and ignored. This is a mistake.Auditing is important because it enables you to:

  • Assess if the existing content is attaining its goals as well as gaining ROI.
  • Observe if the data in the existing content continues to be relevant or has now become outdated.
  • Understand the kinds of content that work for you.

Thus, content audits can vastly improve your SEO strategy if done at regular intervals.


On-page SEO assists you to build a dedicated customer/ visitor base and several repeat visits. With this method,you can not only spread the word of the unique UX that you offer, but also climb to the top rankings of Google’s SERPs targeting crucial search keywords and stay there.

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